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[04 Nov 2008|11:48pm]

Hello!! Hope no one minds me plugging a new community. This is a community for finding and embracing your Scottish roots through your clan societies all over the world. It's a place to embrace your heritage, and to find your family roots and join up with others with whom you may share a common clan! Please come and join! I'm hoping to have a different "theme" each month, and hopefully lots of good posts, feedback and information.

Cheers! Come join!


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Finally. [16 Dec 2007|08:33pm]

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So, it took a little longer than expected, what with me not having any fer-reaking power for five days after The Bigge Ice Storm of 2007, and various other delays, but...

Pics from the Austin Celtic Festival.

Seven Nations, Grene, Maloney, Kollar and Harkin, and Needfire.
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Seven Nations at the Mucky Duck [18 Nov 2007|08:31pm]

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Just a note to let people know that I posted some pics from Seven Nations' appearance at the Mucky Duck a couple of weeks ago. Special guest appearance by Emily Dugas of Clandestine!

Next up: pics from the Austin Celtic Festival.
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Tulsa Scottish Festival pics [28 Oct 2007|08:18pm]

Just a quick note to say that I posted a bunch of pictures of Needfire at last month's Tulsa Highland Games.
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Tulsa quick shot. [16 Sep 2007|09:48am]

Needfire at the Tulsa Highland Games, yesterday.

Dylan Cleghorn

More soon.
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Texas Scottish Festival [02 Sep 2007|07:57pm]

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Hi everyone --

Posted some pictures of the performers at this year's Texas Scottish Festival.

The Rogues
The Killdares
Bad Haggis
Brian McNeill and friends (which is to say, pretty much everyone at the festival)
The Trinity River Whalers

Happy Sunday!
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Estes Park [02 Sep 2007|02:44pm]

Anyone else headed to Estes Park, Co for the Scottish Festival this week? I've never been before, but I've heard that it is huge. We managed to get the second to last hotel room available in town. I'm wondering exactly how crowded it's going to be.  
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[25 Jul 2007|11:07am]

NY Times article about highland games
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Oklahoma Scottish Festival [09 Oct 2006|09:35am]

Few pics from this year's Tulsa Scottish Games. Wicked Tinkers and Needfire.


Also, OMG, I can't stop playing with the pictures of Keith Jones.

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Wicked Tinker [18 Sep 2006|06:22am]

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So, the Wicked Tinkers played at the Oklahoma Scottish Games in Tulsa this weekend, and I got this shot of Keith Jones:


My friend, Erin, said that she loved to see a man who enjoyed his work. *g*

More soon.
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Glasgow Lands! [30 Jun 2006|11:45am]

Anyone else here going to Glasgow Lands in Western MA on the 15th?

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[26 Jun 2006|02:42pm]

Greetings, everyone.
I've created a new community for those interested in anything related to the Celtic nations (whether that be heritage, culture, music, etc). Once the community has a larger member-base, there will be weekly posts of links related to something Celtic, as well as weekly mp3's of Celtic music. Please feel free to join or to take a look.


I hope it was alright to promote in this community, but if not, I'll delete the entry.

(cross-posted in various places)
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Pictures from this year's Texas Scottish Festival [26 Jun 2006|04:06pm]

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The first "official" batch of pictures from my new camera, from the Texas Scottish Festival.

The Rogues


Enter the Haggis


Alasdair Fraser and friends (Natalie Haas, EJ Jones, Smithfield Fair)

Other performers (Brian McNeill, Ed Miller, John Taylor, Alex Beaton, Margaret Gravitt, Smithfield Fair, Lassies Galore)

I'm pretty happy with 'em. :-)

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Charleston Scottish Games and Highland Gathering [12 Sep 2005|04:08pm]


Saturday, September 17
Boone Hall Plantation
1235 Long Point Road
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Tickets are $15 at the gate or $13 in advance. Admission includes the games (of course) and all that goes with them as well as access to the Boone Hall grounds and house tour.

The games begin Saturday morning at 9:00am and continue until 5:00pm that evening.
All events held rain or shine. No pets allowed.
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Ligonier Games [07 Sep 2005|03:36pm]

Anyone going to the Ligonier Games in PA this weekend? At least I think it's this weekend... I'm at school and am unable to go, but my dad's going. Wish I could be there.
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Central New York Highland Games [12 Aug 2005|06:37pm]

I'm going to the Central New York Highland Games tomorrow. It will be my first time attending a Highland Games, although I am hoping to go to the Scottish Games also, in the Capital District on September 3-4. (I have a friend in the Schenectady Pipe Band.) Anyone else in this community going to this one? What should a newbie look for?
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Texas Scottish Festival pictures posted [13 Jul 2005|03:49pm]

Hi everyone --

I finally got my pictures from the 2005 Texas Scottish Festival posted. This is all of them:

The Rogues  ::  Jiggernaut  ::  Brother  ::  Other Performers

In the "Other" category, we have Alasdair Fraser, Brian McNeill (formerly of the Battlefield Band -- I adore this guy; he gets up in front of a Texas audience and lets fly with "Join the Union" -- what's not to love?), Needfire, the Sarah Dinan Band and yes, even *more*.
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NC Games [06 Jul 2005|11:46pm]

hullo all!, the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are this upcoming friday, saturday, and sunday in lenoir NC! w00t, Ross clan btw
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Ohio Games [25 Jun 2005|08:07pm]

A few picsCollapse )
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Ohio! [24 Jun 2005|07:21am]

Ohio Games are tomorrow! I'm so excited!
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